Registration to join World Robot Olympiad – Cambodia Round 2021 OPENS NOW until September 30th, 2021!!!

Under the theme of “PowerBots – Future of Energy ”, WRO Cambodia 2021 will bring together young people to develop their creativity and problem solving skills through challenging and educational robotics competitions focusing on clean energy. In 2021, your team will be looking at the challenges that come with using more energy from renewable sources. Teams in the WRO Virtual Games Will build and program virtual robots that modernize the energy use of a house, assist with charging cars in a parking garage and help manage the energy mix on the grid. Teams in Open Category will develop robots that will allow us to use renewable sources of energy in the most efficient way.

  1. OPEN Category : a project based competition where students create their own intelligent robotics solution relating to clean energy. There is no restriction on hardware and the use of controllers. There is a free choice of software or programming language. Guided by a coach, the team of 2-3 members will submit their project report, abstract, and demonstration video of their project. Find out about eligibility, guidelines and rules by clicking here

    Find the guidelines for the Open Category of the WRO Cambodia 2021 here KhmerEnglish

    Check out the Frequently-Asked Questions here

    Please download the registration form and complete it KhmerEnglish

    Please download the project report template here KhmerEnglish
  2. Virtual Games : an exciting challenge-based competition where you build a virtual robot who completes tasks against the clock and in competition with other teams all online! Find out more about eligibility, rules, guidelines by clicking here. Join us for the final event on October 2nd, 2021.

Age categories:

  • Open Category: We will host Junior and Senior age categories
    • Junior: Age 12-15
    • Senior: Age 16-20
  • WRO Virtual Games: we will host Senior Beginners category 
    • Senior Beginners: Age 16-19

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