What is Annual Cambodia STEM Festival?

We ask that every student who gets involved in our Annual Cambodia STEM Festival views their STEM project through an environmental lens, considering solutions to real-world problems facing Cambodia now and in the years to come.

We request each art competition entry to consider a personal contribution to a clean Cambodia and we challenge every Festival visitor to change one small, daily habit to incorporate sustainable green practices into our everyday lives. Every single one of us can do something to help tackle the world’s biggest challenge, the sustainability of our environment.

This inspiring, student-led festival has celebrated our finest young, innovative minds. Every year this prestigious event unites a passionate STEM community who share our love for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

We are proud to have the ongoing support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Also, in 2019 we formalised a powerful partnership with the Ministry of Environment signing a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to raise awareness of the need for urgent actions at all levels of our community toward a sustainable environment and a cleaner, brighter future for Cambodia.

We also take the opportunity to celebrate our dedicated school teachers who share our core value of lifelong, independent learning.   We thank you for your ongoing passion in STEM for both girls and boys, along  with your continued focus on the ways in which your students use their STEM skills to contribute to a clean, green and beautiful Cambodia.

Please help preserve the Kingdom’s natural beauty and stop using single-use plastic. Become an Eco Hero and Refuse, Reduce, Reuse. What will you pledge to change today?

STEM Education Organization for Cambodia is also passionate about promoting gender equality, especially women in STEM because we understand that including a female perspective provides better outcomes which is necessary to a sustainable development for all of us. STEM Sisters Cambodia shines a spotlight on Cambodian women in STEM and we hope you’ll enjoy our purple STEM Sisters Zone. We are delighted that STEM Sisters Cambodia is complimented by our valued partnership with Are You Ready? A unique, bilingual magazine promoting STEM careers to students, their peers and families as a viable educational choice and fruitful career path.  Are You Ready? magazine will be available at the Festival and you won’t want to miss taking home a copy.

As we continue to move from labor intensive industries like garment manufacturing to high-tech, digital and innovation-led industries, the demand for a diverse, STEM-skilled workforce continues to increase.  We hope that our programs can promote STEM Education to the youth leading to more inspiration and motivation to pursue STEM Education and careers.

Let’s build a brighter future with STEM education.

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