The arts of soap have been around since the dawn of civilization. They are keys to civilization because they play a very crucial role in combating dirts, germs and harmful

microbes. These arts involve very basic science, chemistry, in order to enable exploration of these amazing arts. The importance of these arts is exponentially amplified in the era of pandemic that we are currently in. Therefore, it is essential to

create platforms for the youths to explore the science and arts of soap making so that they can combine them with other skills to create new local opportunities, (i.e. businesses). 

STEMEOC sees the opportunity to introduce this art to Cambodia through this program. Soap UP-2022!, is going to be the First National Cambodia Soap Making Competition where participants can learn how to make soap and use those skills to compete on a national stage. This hand-on extracurricular activity will allow the participants to learn STEM safely through fun activities. 

This competition is designed to equip the participants with skills and knowledge about soap making processes through weekly virtual workshops. These workshops will be held in multi batches depending on the amount of the registered participants. STEMEOC plans to hold these workshops through collaboration with a group of international partners, who are well-qualified in training the novice soap makers. By the end of their training, the participants should be able to inspect the quality of their soaps.


  • Educate the public how make soap
  • Develop human resource in the field of soap making
  • Create a platform for soap makers to demonstrate their skills
  • Identify and develop young soap makers
  • Inspire local business entrepreneurship

Training Program Outline:

  • Training week 1: Introduction to soap making ingredients
  • Training week 2: Introduction to soap making processes
  • Training week 3: Introduction to soap quality and safety inspection
  • Training week 4: Introduction to soap design and safety assessment
  • Training week 5: Follow up and assessment

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