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STEM Sisters Cambodia is at its heart a mentoring program. This 3-tier mentoring program builds a supportive STEM community for girls and women, puts a spotlight on professional Cambodian women working in STEM fields and raises awareness of all the opportunities a STEM career can offer.

In Cycles 1 (2019) and Cycle 2 (2020), a core group of 60 participants made up of girls and women from 3 different levels, including young STEM professional women (Pro-Sisters), young women studying STEM majors (Big Sisters), and young girls in high-schools (Little Sisters). Little Sisters attend a Leadership Academy where they receive soft skills training to develop their Leadership, coaching and mentoring skills.

Following the Leadership Academy, the Little Sisters return to their schools, and using their leadership skills they gather their classmates and start their own STEM Club for both boys and girls together, led by the girls.. The Little Sisters are supported by their Big and Pro Sisters and during the clubs they learn about different STEM careers and do fun STEM activities.

With the support of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and through innovative use of social media, we have reached across 11 different provinces and estimate more than 300 clubs have taken place.

In 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, STEM Sisters Cambodia created a pandemic-proof online robotics program (Cycle 3) which reached across the country.

All this would not have been possible without the support of the British Embassy in Cambodia who funded the program for 3 cycles. This enabled us to develop the program and create engaging STEM content for Cambodian students.

With support from CARE Cambodia, we were able to bring the program to indigenous girls in the Ratanakiri province, which was a wonderful experience for our team and the girls involved.

Find out more about the program, watch videos of our Pro Sisters, or download instructions on how to start your own club here:

Check out our social media and visit our engaging STEM Sisters Cambodia community via this Facebook Group.